Sermon Audio Files

This Same Jesus

Following Toward Perfection

Christians are Cross Trainers

Christians Are Dead Men Walking

Following Jesus Actually (Pastor Walt Trumbo)

Lessons Learned In Crisis with Pastor Rich Rilea

Could You Be My Neighbor? Pastor Walt Trumbo

Happy Jesus’ 8 Step Plan (Part 2) Shelly Trumbo Mascari

Happy Jesus’ 8 Step Plan (Part 1) Shelly Trumbo Mascari

Integrity Part 2 Pastor Rich Rilea

Integrity Part 1 Pastor Rich Rilea

Hope Thou In God

Fear Versus Faith


Faith Hope Love

Name Above All Names

Ho*Ho*Ho* Ho-liday, Hollow-day or Holy-day

You Being Thankful For Whom God Is Making You

Hey You! Stand Up! “You” Set Free To Be “You”

Hey You! Stand Up! “You Believing the Truth About You

Hey You Stand Up! “You” Growing Up Into You.

Hey You! Stand Up: You and the Cosmic Battle Over You

Hey You! Stand Up

Is Missions A Biblical Term?

Invited to Invite

How Does Your Garden Grow? 09/01/2013

Oh, By The Way, Here: What’s So Special About Christianity? Do Our Lives Beg the Question?

7-9-13  Hymn Sunday