Livestream w/ Pastor Zach & LeAnne

Live with Pastor Zach & LeAnne
• we are not professional live streamers (😂)
• we miss our friends (😭)
• we are working on creating online community groups & content – we are still figuring it all out (🧐)
• let us know if you hear of a need or if you need anything – yes even if you need garlic bread or Cadbury eggs (😋)
• we love you!!!

HVCC Online March 22

Welcome! Thank you for joining us online today for “THE UNKNOWN”.

We, like many other churches, are doing our best to adapt during this current health crisis. We are grateful for your patience and prayers as we navigate going from a building , to mobile, and, for now- online. Our ministry leaders are also working to produce some online content that will minister to all ages during these next weeks. Happy Sunday!



•Acts 9:10-16

-Paul had a need and Ananias was positioned at the right place at the right time to meet Paul’s need. He responded to what God was asking of him even though he had reason to fear Paul. He recognized his fear and worked through it quickly in order to be the help that God was calling him to be

– we are also positioned to meet the needs of this community and we need to respond without hesitation

• We will be sharing a message online for Sunday mornings

• We will be looking for ways to engage your whole family in church activities at home – maybe even a friendly family competition online!

• we need to be able to continue to support our ministries and missionaries as well as our community through finances- you can do that through the DONATE button on our website (bottom of this page) You can also mail your tithes/offerings to our address (located at the bottom of this page) or drop it off at the HVCC Office Trailer. We will coordinate whatever is needed to make the process the smoothest and easiest.

• we have several volunteers available to assist with grocery shopping or medication pick ups for those that need to remain at home during this time. If you or someone you know would appreciate this type of assistance please let us know by emailing, calling, or letting us know through social media platforms like our Facebook and Instagram pages.

• Final Takeaway – you may be social distancing or self isolating – but it doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. We are here for you! Be strong, and be courageous!

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