God loves a cheerful giver.

Giving out of a sense of obligation is not what God intended when He created generosity. In fact, generosity is birthed out of a desire to please, worship, honor, and glorify the Lord.

If our giving comes from a place of grudgingly pulling out what we are going to give, or bemoaning our budgets before we click the donate button- it’s not worship and it’s offensive to God.

Generosity & giving is worship. Worship is a “sweet fragrance as incense” according to His Word. We want to give back to Jesus – (it’s His anyway) – with joy and thanksgiving.

Gods kingdom and Church is not going to be diminished by our lack of participation. But our spiritual growth most likely will be impacted.

Giving & tithing is a holy and beautiful part of our Christian experience.

We want to encourage & cultivate a spirit of generosity in this House.

There are several ways to give / tithe.

Physically you can give in our giving boxes at the back of the sanctuary or in the foyer, digitally you can give here through our PayPal link or through this QR Code.


Thank you partnering with Holy Spirit through the act of giving of your tithes and finances.

HVCC operates with an “open book” policy when it comes to finances. You are more than welcome to contact any of our board members or pastor if you have questions about how we steward our finances and are more than welcome to request our financial statements. We invite and encourage members to be engaged and involved with the finances of HVCC and the Kingdom!