We are so excited to celebrate our mom’s this weekend at HVCC!

Motherhood is not just a biological vocation, but a spiritual one as well.

We honor ALL women on this day as many can assume the role of mothers in our community.

The spiritual moms that have invested in our soul care and maturation.

The moms that carried and birthed in their wombs.

The moms that adopted and carried and birthed in their hearts.

The moms who never had biological or adopted children but saw that as an opportunity to invest in lives anyway and do so generously.

For the ones who are still waiting and carry the hope each month after injections and brutal procedures.

For those that have children grown yet continue to invest in the next generation.

For those that carry the wisdom of the ages and observe and pray quietly for those in their sphere of influence.

For the women who love Jesus and have taught us to love Him and continue to challenge us to be women of integrity, hope, generosity, and love. We honor you!