•Jeremiah 18:1-10 – the potter & the clay

•Adam was shaped by God 🍶

-All of us are being shaped by God – are we resisting His shaping of us or becoming more moldable as He works with us

– in the hands of anyone else a basketball 🏀isn’t worth too much, but in the hands of Steph Curry it’s worth millions , in the hands of anyone else a golf ball⛳️ is merely a golf ball worth maybe $2-3, but in the hands of Tiger Woods it becomes an empire.

⁃ whose hands are you? And how valuable are you in the Potters hand?🤚🏻

•Ephesians 2:10 “we are His workmanship”

⁃ are we still pliable? Or have we become hard? 🗿

• God gave us free choice- but He desires that we surrender our control to Him so He can mold us and shape our lives – not fighting against Him but letting Him do what He needs to do to bring out the creation He intends. 🪵🎍

• Being molded requires pressure – we can resist or submit 💎

• Are we being molded by God or by the world 🌎

• Romans 8:29 “we see the original and intended shape of our lives in Him” 🧩

God desires for us to lean into Him and to trust Him in the process as He shapes us and molds us. We can lean in perfect peace, relaxed and confident that everything He does is for His glory and our benefit.

God loves you and will never throw you away. You’re never too far gone that He doesn’t want you, love you, and will continue to work with and in your life.

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