Resources for Fighting Racism

We love the diversity of Gods creation. We also are painfully aware of how our differences since the beginning of time have been used in the sinful oppression of people simply because of their race or the color of their skin.
We at HVCC are not experts in racial reconciliation or even on social justice matters. We believe God is the ultimate authority and that His precious Word holds the answers for the problem of sin. The solution is salvation through Jesus Christ, as well as the the continued transforming of our nature through the Holy Spirit. Among Gods creation are those uniquely called and equipped to facilitate conversations and healing regarding racism.
We do see the eradication of racism as one of our mandates, but want to be sure that we point to the ultimate authority, Gods Word, and those He has gifted to lead us as we seek to better love each other as a body of believers.
Below you will find some resources that we pray will help you navigate the conversations our nation is having right now regarding racism.



David Platt and Mike Kelsey

Melanated Faith



Carlos Whittaker

Latasha Morrison

TD Jakes

Propaganda Hip Hop

Dr. Tony Evans

Priscilla Shirer

Beth Moore

Trillia Newbell

Dr. Anita Phillips

Christine Caine

These are just a few of MANY eloquent and seasoned voices that are making an impact in the area of racism and response.

Each of these resources has links as well for further reading/listening/engaging.

Our hope is to provide resources to help better understand our culture, and, as a church, how to best minister so that the Holy Spirit can bring healing and restoration through the love of Jesus.

Our desire is that HVCC be place of safety, healing, and hope as people of all different colors and histories are able to enter into the sanctuary and experience the powerful and comforting Presence of their Creator.

If you are needing prayer, someone to talk to or process with, we’d love to connect with you. Please feel free to reach out through our webpage, social media pages, or simply call or text Pastor Zach or LeAnne and they would be happy to hear from you.
Pastor Zach: (707)349-1211
LeAnne. : (707)349-0835

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