We are taking extra measures during our gathering to ensure the safety and health of our attendees.
• Common touch points will be wiped down regularly, especially before, during, and after service times.
• Upon your arrival on Sunday morning, the door will be held open for you, but we will not be shaking hands.
• We will have hand sanitizer stations for your use
• We will not be facilitating our normal “greeting” time with one another.
• We will not be serving Communion during the next month.
• Tithes and Offering will not be received in the usual offering bags, but can be placed in a basket near the entrance to the Sanctuary, or given online.
• Due to the instructions of the Governor, we will ask that you sit at least 6 feet apart from others in attendance (not including your own families or those you came with).
• If you or loved ones are sick, please stay home and avoid coming in contact with others.
• We are working to find a way to record messages and post them online so that if you have health concerns or prefer to stay home we can accommodate you. As soon as we have that option available we will post those updates.
• Kids Church will be optional-feel free to keep your children with you or allow them to participate.
• Please note that as we are a mobile church, we must honor the authorities that allow us to use the multi use room- therefore plans are subject to change dependent upon the guidelines of the school district and our county officials. We will do our best to communicate any changes via social media, our web page, and by phone or text when we can. Thank you for understanding.

We are not responding in fear. We are honoring those in authority and we are responding according to what we believe the Holy Spirit is leading us to do as a church.
We will continue to stay vigilant, to continue praying, and we ask that you partner with us during this time.

Thank you!

Pastor Zach Pyzer
and the
HVCC Church Board

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