Spring Update

It’s almost springtime and we have lots of updates for you!


WELCOME to our newest board members, Kimberly Sheldon and Sharon Sais!


Our Kids Ministry Worship Team is SHINING as they worship together each Sunday and then lead our whole church in worship every month! We love that our littles are learning what worship is and leading us well!


Community Groups are starting this coming week (March 15) We have locations in Middletown and Hidden Valley Lake to choose from and we will be studying Extraordinary by John Bevere. Be sure to sign up this Sunday for the locations best suited to your needs!


The building is coming along with sheet rock put up last week! We are hoping to be able to move in soon! Everything depends on inspections and financing, but we all know we serve a mountain moving, miracle working, way making, GOD!


Finally, the COVID-19 virus is causing concern globally and locally. We are paying attention to our government officials and recommendations. For right now, bans on gatherings etc do not affect us, we will be sure to update social media and this platform in the event that our services or events are affected.

Thank you for praying, serving, showing up, donating, and being  a part of our dynamic community of believers!

Know that you are always welcome to come tour the rebuild, ask any questions, and get to know what HVCC is doing in our community!

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