Happy Thanksgiving


We are so thankful for our community and the opportunity God has placed before us to be His LIGHT in our county. It is because of the generosity of YOU, Hidden Valley Community Church, that we were able to bless  20 families for Thanksgiving this year. From $1500 donated, we chose to empower these families to be able to purchase what they needed for their Thanksgiving celebrations by giving them gift cards to local grocery stores. We pray that as as they share in their meal, at their tables, that God’s Presence is powerfully known and that through our simple act of obedience and desire to bless, He is glorified.

We are grateful for the success of the Cornhole Tournament which brought in so many who don’t even attend our church, and offering our community the opportunity to see what our building is shaping up to be.. a gathering place that our community and church can be proud of, and most of all, one that glorifies the God who has led every step of the way.

We are grateful to Him. He has led us through power outages, fires, sickness, health, celebrations, new babies, marriages, deaths, and so much more. We can know this of our God- He is faithful. He never leaves. And He is ever near.

We pray that as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones this week, that you too feel His Presence, that you experience His blessing, and that you find Him in His Word to be exactly Who He promises to be- our Redeemer, our Savior, and our Amazing Grace.

Happy Thanksgiving from your Hidden Valley Community Church Pastor, Staff, and Board

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